Tuesday, April 27, 2010


School is kicking my tush this semester! Wowsers! I've been writing this paper on the lunacy of the Supreme Court in the 1880's for days and days, and I'm nowhere close to finishing. Sadness. The paper has been the reason for my absence from the blogosphere as of late. I'm on page 17 of 30 at the moment. Yikes.

Don't worry, though--I've still found time for training! Last Sunday was my first real long run! It was just a six-miler, but it was farther than I've ever run before! I felt awesome when I finished, like I could do anything.

And, I ran it without my beloved iPod!

I've been running music-free a lot lately. I try to do at least one of my runs each week without my music-making friend. I like the sort of communion with nature that I get from running without music. It makes it easier to focus on what's going on around me, and it helps me focus on what's going on inside me, too. It's pretty zen. I dig it.

I think I'm going to look up some podcasts or books on tape for my longer runs, though. I do get bored from time to time! Any recommendations?

By the way, LOVE the loop on my tank's shoulder strap to thread my headphones through. LOVE. That's some genius technology.

Another thing I love? My new Garmin Forerunner 305!

I run so much faster now that I can see my pace spelled out on my wrist. Who knew something so small could help so much? I love knowing exactly how far I've ran, too.

Anyway, must get back to paper writing.


  1. Congrats on your first long run!! For audiobooks you might check out http://librivox.org/ ...when I was reading for my candidacy exams I downloaded a ton of books from there so I could keep making "progress" on work while still getting my workouts in. If you try audiobooks for runs you should post about how it goes. I think for me music is always just background noise for my thoughts, but when I listened to audiobooks it took a whole different kind of focus (like, a LOT of focus). I might try it again once my runs get even longer, though.

    I have the same Garmin!

  2. I'm totally going to try the audiobooks! Librivox.org is awesome--I don't even know where to start! I'm going to try some podcasts, too, and I'll definitely blog about the results! I don't have another long run for a couple weeks, but I have a couple long bike rides, so I might try it out, then.