Sunday, April 18, 2010

FIRST race recap EVER!

I just finished my first race! It was the Radiant Systems Sprint for Cancer 5K. I brought along my darlin' Jeff, who's an excellent photographer, and he helped document the event!

It started out pretty cold! We got to Atlantic Station in Atlanta at 7:00 AM to check in, and it was about 53 degrees with some wind. I originally planned on running in a long-sleeve shirt!

I had goosebumps on my legs.

We had a long time to wait before the race started. Jeff took some photos of the racers and race area.

I spent the time trying to focus.

Luckily it warmed up enough by my race time for me to shed the long-sleeve shirt and run in a tank. Not only was it more comfortable for me, but Jeff loves taking pictures of my fish tattoo. :-)

We're off!

The race went through a neighborhood in Atlanta called Atlantic Station. It has some nice shiny buildings and just a couple mild hills.

Check me out, yo! I'm a runner!

I finished in 29:11. Now, y'all probably think that's slower than molasses, but that's soooooo much faster than I usually run! I was hella proud of myself!

I got this rockin' shirt, too. Not much to look at, but it has my mom's name on the back of it in the "In Honor Of" section. She's my everything.

Her name is in the second column, fourth down. Kim Makins.

Things I learned from this race that I will elaborate on later:

  • Don't eat before running if you're not used to it! Ouch!
  • Drink a ton of water the day before as well as the day of.
  • Don't get all crazy and try to pass everyone in the first mile!
  • Pick someone to keep up with who's just a little faster than you.

Okay, that's all for now, folks. I need to eat some lunch and take a nap!

One last thing before I go. This post would not be complete without a picture of my darlin' photographer. :-)


  1. congrats on a great race, and yes, it was beautifully photographed and documented. So happy for you!

  2. Great job!! Wonderful pics!! Your mom must be so proud of you!! <3

  3. Thanks, everyone! Your support means so much to me! :-)