Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And thus commences uber-training

So, I'm all good and signed up with my Team in Training for the Nike Women's Marathon! $3900 sure is a daunting fundraising goal! I know I can do it, but it's going to be tough. I'm going to need so much support from my friends and family!

I'm going to use the Jeff Galloway training plan to prepare for the race. (More info about the Jeff Galloway plan here). Basically, you run three days a week with your Sunday run being your long run, and the length of the long run varies until you reach 26 miles.

You can see my marathon training plan here!

You may notice that the race plan has 28 weeks in it; I did this because I'm including this current week, in which I intended to include a 5-mile long run anyway. You may also notice a lot of things in parentheses. These are other events I have scheduled on those days that will necessitate training modification. I don't think my other races or my triathalon will cause too many problems--nor will my trip to Comic Con in San Diego because we'll be at a hotel with a treadmill--but my volunteer work in Haiti might cause some problems! We'll just have to see.

Combining my marathon training with my triathalon training will be interesting. My schedule for next week will look something like this. I imagine future weeks will look like this, too.

Because I'm starting a new training program that I'm sure will prove to be unduly demanding in the next couple of weeks, I decided to give myself a break today! I still went to my afternoon vinyasa yoga class (LOVE!), but I didn't run, bike, or swim at all. It was lovely!

I slept in a bit, and I started my day with some of my mom's FANTASTIC vegan cornbread. These are leftover from Easter. SO GOOD! A little Earth Balance makes everything better, too!

For lunch, I had chana masala and quinoa. I love chana masala. I would eat it every day of the week if I could! I find it too heavy on days I'm exercising, though. I really only crave it most on my days off.

I also had a slice of my mom's awesome vegan carrot cake, also leftover from Easter. She sure knows how to please a vegan! It's. So. Good.

Now, I'm munching an apple, some walnuts, and some baby carrots while I attempt to pay attention in my fascinating entertainment law class! I know I shouldn't be blogging in class, and I swear I'm really a good student! We're talking about talent contacts for new artists, and I've already covered it in another class. :-)


  1. I think the cross training with the triathlon stuff will be great and will make you less likely to get injured. Good for you for making this happend! I have tips to raise the money when you need them. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised. Because your mom had lymphoma, it is near and dear to you and people will rally around you for that. use your blog and twitter as well as real, mailed letters. funny to read your blog... we have a lot in common (the organized training plans and the chana masala). Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Emilie! I will need so many fundraising tips soon! I'm also glad to hear that someone else makes organized training plans, too--my friends think I'm nuts, but I just have to have everything laid out so that I know what's coming up. I like to be prepared!

  3. Your blog is SO inspiring Ali! Love it! :) I *need* your mom's corn bread and carrot cake recipes - OMG! I'm drooling! :)

  4. Thanks, Marci! I'm going to try to wrangle those recipes from her this weekend--she's been holding tight to the cornbread one for years now! I'll definitely let you know if/when I get them!