Thursday, April 8, 2010

Changing it up

Today's run was a bit different than usual for two reasons: (1) I went iPod-less, and (2) I had new clothes!

So, first, the lack of iPod. When I was getting ready to run, the skies were quite threatening looking and the The Weather Channel was forecasting thunderstorms within the 30 minutes it would take me to run my "Hilly McMountains" 3-mile loop (goes up and down 4 serious hills). Fearing a torrential downpour before I made it back, I went out without my beloved music-maker.

It was nice! I channeled my inner yogi and focused on my breath and on my feet connecting with the ground. I also paid more attention to my stature and running form, which actually made the run feel both easier and shorter! This isn't something I'm going to do all of the time, but I definitely enjoyed it today--it was a refreshing change.

Do you run with or without music? I'm curious as to other people's preferences!

Second, my new apparel! Being new to the exercise world, I don't have many of the right tools yet. For example, up until yesterday, I had just been wearing a cotton sports bra and a cotton t-shirt when running. Yesterday, though, I got my first dry-weave running tank in the mail! It's nothing fancy--it's just from Old Navy--but I'm already in love! Here it is with my usual running shorts (which I'm excited about replacing when my new ones arrive tomorrow!).

I love that the bra and tank are one piece. I love having the freedom to swing my arms wide when I'm huffing it up hills. I love that it wicks the sweat off of my back before it drips down into my shorts! It was a totally new experience.

Bonus? It shows off one of my (six) tattoos!

This is my koi. I got him on a little island off the eastern coast of Thailand called Ko Samet by an artist named Wijit. This was my first tattoo of two in Thailand--I lived in Thailand for about 6 months in 2006 while volunteering, and the tattoo art there was too amazing to pass up!

Also, for those who are curious, I did make it back today before the rain! Yay! I was only wet from the buckets of sweat pouring out of me, which reminds me that I've got to start drinking more water!


  1. Re: the music question, I run without on shorter runs because...well...usually because I'm ill-prepared for running when I go for a short run. On longer runs, I listen to Podcasts because it makes me finish my long runs. (1 This American Life + 1 Podrunner = 2 hours) I suppose I could do the same thing by running far out of town and then having to run back, but I like running along the river on the soft grassy football pitches behind campus so the iPod is my disciplinarian.

    The new top looks great! Don't forget to add a bit of salt & a bit of something sugary (fruit juice?) to your water when you're running. :)


  2. Podcasts! Brilliant! I'm sort of becoming anti-music because I think it interferes with my stride pattern, but I'd like to listen to SOMEthing--podcasts will be perfect!

    Thanks for the tip about the salt and sugar in the water--I always forget!