Sunday, May 30, 2010

No pain, no gain?

So, after the Warrior Dash last Saturday (see my race recap here), I had a 9-mile training run the next morning. Let me tell you, it was no piece of cake! My last long run (8 miles) two weeks ago was amazing--I hit an amazing runner's high around mile 6, and I smiled the whole way home. Not so for my 9-miler! Almost every step was a struggle.

My 8-miler two weeks ago went like this:

My 9-miler last Sunday did NOT go like that!

I won't even show you pictures. It was bad. I didn't eat right before I left; I didn't even eat right the day before; and, I was definitely not smiling at the end.

Words to the wise:

  • Eat before long runs. Try to get it in at least an hour before you go.
  • Get a little caffeine and hydration in BEFORE you leave. I took my CamelBak on the 9-miler with H2O and Gatorade, but I needed it more before, not during.
  • Eat right the day before. Make sure you're carbed-up, and stay away from the beer! My post-Warrior Dash celebratory beers did me no favors.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Enough said.

More words to the wise: Let yourself recover after long runs! I got home from my 9-miler, iced for about 20 minutes, and then left to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival with some friends. We then commenced drinking beer and walking around all day in the 90-degree heat. BAD IDEA.

Don't get me wrong; the Ren Fest was amazing! We had a blast!

But, I literally could not walk up and down stairs on Monday. LET YOURSELF RECOVER. Stick with with the tried and true RICE: Rest, ice, compression, elevation. You can't go wrong with a little of that in your life.

In other news, I got a new road bike! She's beautiful. I had been wanting a new bike for a long time since mine is so old and heavy. This beauty is so light and fast!

Oh, I love her so much! Can't wait for my triathalon and my century next year! She's going to do wonderfully.


  1. wow, beautiful bike & beautifully story about preparation---and how much it helps our performance!!!

    on a side note: i have a gracie's gear sports bra---so fun to see them out in the world! i bought my at the zooma race in ATL. :)

  2. Thanks! I love my Gracie's Gear tank! I bought it online, but I'm doing Zooma this year and hopefully they;ll have them again--I'd love to get more!

  3. The bike is gorgeous!! I really want one, but they're all so expensive! I need to find some cheaper, beginnger options for this little girl. Also I love that shirt you have on in your run! Who's it by? I totally want it!

  4. What sort of wheels do you have? I spent the whole weekend looking at beautiful bikes in St. Pölten and I'm thinking I need (ok, really really really really want) a new wheelset...I've still got the stock ones that came on my giant and they feel superbly inadequate, although I did pass some girls on some really pretty bikes...and some boys too!

  5. @Alycia--Thanks! I know they're expensive, but I really really needed (and wanted!) one! I've been saving for awhile. The shirt is by Gracie's Gear. I got it on the Bondi Band website, but you can get them here, too:

    @K--I just have the stock ones, too. I know I'll want new ones eventually, but I'm still REELING from how much better these are than my old ones!